Little Black Bugs in Your Flour?

You’ve got weevils, my friend!
How do you get rid of weevils?

What to do if you’ve got black pantry bugs, or flour weevils…
Put one some gloves to protect your hands and:

Step One:
Thoroughly examine any flour products, grains and cereals from your pantry and cupboards.

Step Two:
Take any infested food and flour outside, and throw it in an outdoor trash can or dumpster. Don’t put any infested food in your household trash as the little black bugs may well find their way back into your food supply!

Step Three:
Take any other packaged food as well as utensils and plates out of your cupboards or pantry and examine everything for any other little bugs and pests. Also check around cluttered kitchen counter areas and floors.

Step Four:
Wipe down any areas that were infested with a diluted bleach and hot water solution. Be careful not to breathe the fumes! Open a window or otherwise ensure proper ventilation. When finished, let your cupboard areas air out for a little while.

Step Five:
Place all of your food that was not infested back in the pantry. Air-tight containers will help keep the little black bugs away and keeping flour in your freezer will also help eliminate flour bugs.

Keeping the pantry pests away

Check for infestation when you first buy flour, grains and other cereal products. When an infestation starts, often it was because the little black bugs were already in the food. Purchase some bay leaves and place them around your pantry and in all dry food storage areas. Most pantry pests can’t stand the smell of bay leaves!

Placing flour, grains and cereals in your freezer for a week before placing them in air-tight jars in your pantry should also help to minimize any new infestations. Essential oils such as peppermint also repel most pantry pests and have a pleasant aroma!


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